Sound insulation

In order that the relaxation and calmness of your home wouldn't be affected by the restlessness of the continuously moving external environment, QFORT carefully analysis the sound insulation options for each specific location. QFORT recommends you to choose windows equipped with the combination of glass types which suits best the specific sound insulation requirements of the area where you live. The sound insulation factor (Rw) is expressed in decibels (dB). The higher is the value of the factor, the better is the sound insulation of the window.

Here are the sound insulating values (Rw) for the most usual types of insulating glass:

The benefits of windows with a high sound insulation value:

a) increased comfort of homes by significantly reducing the unpleasant sensations caused by the surrounding outdoor noises
b) increased pricacy privacy for locations with special requirements (business offices, medical offices, recording studios, and so on)